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It's just the beginning.

2017 - 2018

In 2017, we started as a design agency. We worked with other businesses to create better consumer experiences. After taking on quite a few clients, we saw the impact our work had on the consumers of these brands. But, in contrast, we saw the overpriced products & misplaced intentions of those brands.

Jan 2019 - Present

In January of 2019, we had a decision to make - an aggressive decision that would take us from being partners with our clients to a competitor. At that time, we began to transition from design agency to this jewelry brand. From letting our clients go to designing our Portrait Collection, this brand has became so much more than jewelry.

Thinking Forward

Around the design table we continue to spread our wings and look towards new horizons. Our original collection set us apart by bringing you quality, minimal designs without the retail markup. We are currently working on our next collection and can’t wait to welcome you to our tribe of confident women!

Who is...

Our Girl?

Our girl, Tonic&Tribe, is a go-getter, a dreamer, a confident badass woman. She makes choices of simplicity & comfort, yet has a bold rebel side in her with a need to throw contrast at the norm.